The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

SOC 301 Introduction to Methods and Research: Finding Articles

    Searching Tips

When searching your topic try a variety of subject headings for the same idea e.g. teenagers, adolescents, youth, juveniles

Note the names of authors writing extensively on your subject. Then do an author search to search for other articles they may have written

Use search connectors, AND, OR as part of your search terms. When using AND and OR in the same search string, the OR clusters must be in parentheses ()  e.g. (teenagers or adolescents or juveniles) and (substance abuse or drug abuse)

Use the Journal A-Z List on the library home page if you want to browse a particular journal title.

    Finding Journal Articles



The databases below are subject guides to journals, magazines, newspapers, and so on. For more choices see the Library home page.



Note: Already know the specific journal you want? Use the Journal A-Z List.