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Library Disability Services

Welcome to the UNCG Libraries' Disability Services Resources Guide.  The UNCG Libraries are commited to making our resources accesible to all patrons. W.C. Jackson Library currently has two handicapped-accessible entrances, offers materials for the visually impaired, and offers other special assistance primarily through the Access Services Department.  Our phone numbers are: 336.334.5304; toll free, 888.245.0180. 

Diversity at the University Libraries

University Libraries defines diversity as the vibrant variety of human characteristics that combine to shape each one of us. These characteristics include not only the familiar categories of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, but also: age, cognitive style, disability, economic, educational and geographic background, languages spoken, marital status, political affiliation, religious beliefs and more.

Valuing diversity means recognizing that we are all shaped by numerous and varied factors, making each of us uniquely qualified to contribute to the collective goal of the libraries -- to serve the diverse information needs of our diverse user groups.

For more information about diversity initiatives at UNCG Libraries, please visit our website.

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