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Tutorials, tips and helpful advice for student workers in the library


Welcome to the University Libraries! 

The Libraries offer essential collections and services for UNCG and the community.  We provide books, recordings, films, electronic resources and much more for our students, faculty and community customers.  We're open 109 hours a week to the public and 24/5 for UNCG people. You have a very important role in providing these services whether it's shelving, checking out or helping people find what they need.  We could not run the Libraries without you!


Working in the Libraries is also a great experience for you.  You will have the chance to gain a variety of skills that will help you in the future no matter what profession you choose.


Customer service is an area we really emphasize at the University Libraries.  It is very important that we provide excellent service to all our users. These tutorials and documents will help you learn our values, standards and some important tips on how to work with the public.


Your supervisors will provide training on specific skills needed for your particular job.

University Libraries Ask Us video

Enjoy this brief video and learn more about how we help people!