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A guide on scholarly communication topics including copyright, open access, author rights, digital archiving and more.

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In this guide you will find information and resources related to scholarly communication, as well as information on UNCG's own scholarly communication services and publishing initiatives.

  • NC DOCKS - UNCG's institutional repository.
  • Author Rights - Authors are increasingly re-claiming rights to their own works by adding addenda to copyright-release forms.
  • Open Access - "Open Access" means providing free access to works through the Internet.
  • Copyright - the exclusive legal right to reproduce, publish, sell, or distribute the matter and form of something (as a literary, musical, or artistic work).
  • Resources - Websites, videos, and more information on scholarly communication issues.

What is scholarly communication?

"Scholarly Communication" is the complex process used by scholars to publish and share the results of their research. It involves a wide variety of interactive elements—research and writing, the intellectual properties produced, the economics of the publishing industry, the control and ownership of published works, technological innovations, and the overall academic culture of research, publication, promotion, and tenure.

Over the last decade, academic administrators, scholars, and librarians have been uniting in efforts that would allow them to "reclaim" the research and scholarly works that they and their institutions are producing.

Scholarly Communication efforts include:

  • Support for new models for scholarly publishing
  • Open-access journals and archives, institutional repositories that provide access to the intellectual work of the institution’s faculty and students
  • Disciplinary repositories that provide access to the scholarly works produced by a particular discipline
  • Personal web sites for archiving the works of individual scholars


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