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Guide to finding the full text of questionnaires, surveys, and related research instruments.

Find full text of a specific research instrument

If you want a specific research instrument...

Type the title and author into Google

  1. If you're lucky, the full text will be available for free online. At least you'll see a citation to a specific article or book that provides the instrument.
  2. If you're somewhat lucky, you'll discover that a company is selling it (hey, at least you'd know)
  3. Or you could find that there are different authors, different versions, and no way to tell whether a journal article or book is providing the instrument - in that case, use the "finding research instruments" searches to the right

You are responsible for contacting the author or publisher of the research instrument to ensure that you have permission to use the research instrument (and to reproduce it if you plan to share a copy with others). 

Health Surveys from the NCHS

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) surveys have many questions available online for you to use or adapt for your population!

For example...

Find Surveys & Other Research Instruments On Your Topic

Some research instruments are only be available for purchase from a publisher.

Some research instruments are made available by the authors upon request, or shared in a journal article or book.

If you're looking for a research instrument on your topic, start by searching one of these sources.

Books with Research Instruments

Here are some the books in our collection that contain research instruments.

Google Books offers previews of some books, which can be helpful if you're trying to decide whether to walk to the library and check out the print.

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