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This guide is intended to help you find information on topics related to sustainability.

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Green Library Group

The Green Library Group of the University Libraries @UNCG welcomes you to our sustainability guide! 

In light of the importance of sustainability as a value for the UNCG Plan 2009-2014, the UNC Tomorrow emphasis on sustainability, and the newly formed UNC GA Sustainability Committee as well as the existence of the two year old UNCG Sustainability Committee, it has become clear that it would be useful to establish a group to help the University Libraries address various issues of sustainability, and thus the Green Library Group was formed on 10/27/08. 


Charge: The UNCG Sustainability Committee exists “to identify and recommend responsible and sustainable practices in all aspects of our institutional culture, including operational activities, academic programs and community relationships," by:

1.  Providing access to informational resources on environmental issues
2.  Delivering resources in a sustainable manner
3.  Outreach and education
4.  Providing a green model for other campus buildings and departments 
5.  Conducting an assessment after one year of the cost savings and other benefits accrued from the activities of this committee.


For more information or to join the group contact co-chairs: Cheryl Cross or Sarah Dorsey

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GLG Co-Chair

Sarah Dorsey
ph: 336.334.5610

fx: 336.256.0155

Subjects:Dance, Music

GLG Co-Chair

Cheryl Cross