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This Instructional Technology Toolkit was designed to help you discover new ways to manage, create and communicate at your job, in your courses or in your personal life.


Many of these tools are not supported by UNCG. This toolkit is intended to share some tools we have vetted and think you might find useful or helpful, and simply offer the basics of the tools, ideas for use, how-to guides, tutorials, or additional resources on potential uses.


 The instructional tech toolkit contains 5 tabs with defined sets of educational tools: access, collaborate, feedback, organize, present and make. Each tool has small descriptions, functionality, usefulness and link to the tool's website .  You can try searching for a specific tool using the Libguide Search box above right of this box.


The audience of the toolkit is not limited to students and library users. It will be attractive to anyone who wants to share and get knowledge on contemporary methods of communication, business and management. It was created with librarians in mind, but reaches beyond to all UNCG campus academics and to anyone who might find it a useful resource.


2014 Updates:  Recent students in the Digital Libraries Learning Program  have assisted with this toolkit on going project. Fall 2014, Gulchekhra Rakhmatullaeva, updated the guide with new editional tools and fixed errors. Fall 2012, Annabelle Koester added some new tools and created tutorials for them [View slides and recording on Annabelle's experience and libraries in Germany]; and February 2012 by Iskander Rakhmatullaev, helped recreate and restructure the UNCG Jackson Library Instructional Tech Toolkit into a libguide format, to make it more easily accessible and updatable.  [View a streaming flash video of the webinar where iskander discusses work on this project and libraries in Uzkekistan, and more!]

This toolkit was born out of an idea to create a place where library staff and students could learn more about new software tools for use at school, work and personal life, as well as collaborate and share these tools with others beyond librarians.

The concept was originally dreamed up by the UNCG Libraries Instructional Tech Team:

  • Beth Filar Williams (Distance Education Librarian and project lead), 
  • Amy Harris (Information Literacy Librarian), 
  • Jenny Dale (Reference Librarian and First-Year Instruction Coordinator),
  • Lynda Kellam (Data Services and Government Information Librarian). 

And we graciously thank the UNCG Library and Information Studies students who worked on this project: Mendy Ozan, who initially researched and organized potential tools during the summer 2010, through the UNCG University Library Innovation and Program Enrichment Grant awarded to Beth to begin this toolkit project. And especially to Amy Archambault for creating and finding most of the content, designing the layout, and writing most of the the code to create the toolkit. A special thanks to UNCG Libraries Web Applications Designer Laurie Therrien, who helped put the right software and coding resources together to make the project happen.