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This guide contains guidelines for UNCG faculty and staff who have responsibility over administrative records and wish to learn more about records management and transferring records to University Archives.

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Records Retention & Disposition Schedule

The UNC General Records Retention & Disposition Schedule provides guidance on how long records are to be maintained, when records can be destroyed, and what records are to be transferred to University Archives. The categories are somewhat broad, and may not cover all situations. If you have questions about whether or not records should be destroyed, please contact University Archives. We are happy to help interpret the retention schedule guidelines and consult on records series that are not addressed by the records schedule.

Transferring Records to University Archives

University Archives collects the records that document key administrative functions of the University, from its founding through today. We cannot maintain all records produced by all departments across campus. Therefore, we look for records that best document the functions and responsibilities of each unit or department. Such records include:

  • Accreditation documentation
  • Minutes (committees, departments, schools, or other administrative groups)
  • Publications (newsletters, magazines, brochures, etc.)
  • Report (annual, self-study, etc.)
  • Charters, policies, procedures, and other guiding documents

Additionally, we try to acquire the records from the office that produced them in order to maintain provenance. For example, we would not acquire Deans Council agendas from each Dean. Instead, we would seek to acquire these records from the Provost's Office.

Please see the "Transferring Your Records" tab for details on how to transfer these archival records to University Archives.

What We DON'T Acquire in University Archives

University Archives does not acquire records that do not document the administrative functions of the University. These might include:

  • Handbooks or manuals for equipment
  • Non-UNCG publications
  • Research materials related to an individual faculty member's work
  • Personal correspondence or family papers

Additionally, due to federal regulations, we cannot accept student records (including student assignments, evaluations, etc.) or healthcare records (such as files maintained in the Student Health Center).

Digital Records

Please keep in mind that official University records may be paper-based or digital. These digital records must be managed alongside traditional, paper-based records to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and to preserve institutional history. University Archives seeks to maintain these digital records in their original format. See the "Transferring Your Records" tab for more information on how to transfer digital files to University Archives.

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