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Workshops from the Library: Getting Started

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Instructors, research centers, departments, student groups - do you want to schedule a workshop for your group?  Contact your liaison librarian or use a link below!

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About Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate is webconferencing software that allows you to conduct live online workshops or meetings.

The presenter will give you a link that should download a file onto your computer: either a meeting.collab file (puts you into an online meeting) OR a nativeplayback.collab file (plays a recorded session).

The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher opens the file in a pop up window, where you can meet online with others OR view a recorded session.

Setting up for Blackboard Collaborate

Tech needs

  • Internet connection
  • A browser - Firefox is recommended
  • Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, free software that can be downloaded through this link (if the link takes you to a page that says "Downloading session" and it downloads a file, then the page probably detected that you already have this software installed)
  • Optional - Headphones or headset with microphone. Headphones might help you to hear better and avoid distracting others. If you plan to speak instead of typing, use an external microphone - microphones built into computers can cause feedback sounds.
  • System requirements - detailed list from the Blackboard company


At least ONE DAY before your workshop, please prepare the computer you plan to use

The Blackboard company provides this link for you to do several things:


getting into collaborate


1. Download and install the Collaborate Launcher

2. "Launch" should give you a .collab file. You can open the file with the Launcher to get a "practice area" in a pop up window. 


**If this link gives you a .collab file instead of taking you to the page shown above, then you should already have "Blackboard Collaborate Launcher" installed! Use that software to open the .collab file.


3. Inside the "practice room" go to Tools/Audio Set up wizard to make sure that you can hear the content.


test your audio in collaborate


Need tech help?  Please contact Collaborate Support  at (877) 382-2293.

Want information about features of Collaborate? Contact contact UNCG 6-TECH at (336) 256-TECH (8324) or

Tech Problems

Common problems:

  • If your audio sounds like a chipmunk, try changing your connection speed: Find Preferences (PC - under Edit; MAC - under BB Collaborate Menu), choose Session -> Connection.
  • "no file associated..."or "unable to launch" when trying to get into our virtual room? You can set an association for that file type to open


Need tech help? Please contact Collaborate Support  at (877) 382-2293

Subject Guide

Lea Leininger
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